St. John, the smallest of the three United States Virgin Islands, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, bays and coves, as well as the Virgin Islands National Park. (The park land was donated to the US by the Rockefeller family – can you imagine that tax write-off? – and opened in 1956.)

Swimming, snorkeling, hiking the Park trails, and visiting the ruins of the old Annaberg sugar plantation are some of the major attractions of this rugged, lush, green island. Other popular activities include daylong trips into the neighboring British Virgin Islands (see Fun Stuff To Do), shopping in Cruz Bay, dining at any of the islands many restaurants, sailing, fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna or Marlin, horseback riding, or just sipping a cold drink and watching the rest of the world go by.

Many people's first visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands consists of a cruise ship stop at St. John’s larger and very different neighbor St. Thomas. There, you tend to find traffic grid-lock and crowds of tourists in sensible shoes looking for a quick bargain before getting back to the cruise ship. St. John on the other hand, is where the cool, travel-savvy, get-away-from-the-crowd types (like yourself) and occasionally even the rich-and-famous go to unwind and hang out.

By the way, the island is St. JOHN, not St.
JOHNS as some people mistakenly call it. (There is indeed a St. John's, but it's the capital city of Antigua, not an island.) The locals can be a bit sensitive about it, so it's worth getting right.

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