The weather on St. John is pretty much the same all year round--meaning the weather is great all year long.

Temperatures: Average highs range from 84 in January to 90 in June thru August. Lows range from 70 in the winter (considered positively arctic by the locals) to a comfortable 76 in the summer months.

The forecast says rain evey day!!! Well, brief tropical showers are common, so yes, you'll probably see rain forecast for pretty much every day. The good news is that the showers in question typically last for anywhere from 30 seconds (which seems hardly worth the effort) to 30 minutes and then they move on. Completely rainy days are extremely rare because the weather patterns are so completely different than they are in the higher lattitudes. And, in the islands, even the rain is warm.

Hurricanes: Hurricane season is considered to be from June to November, but the most active months are August and September. We in the north get the impression that hurricanes ravage pretty much all the islands every summer, but it's simply not the case. (Hey, the TV weather guys have to have something to get excited about right?) The truth is, you're statistically as likely to be hit by a hurricane in the islands as you are a tornado in the US midwest. Unless you live in a trailor park in which case all bets are off of course. Bottom line: hurricane season is really no big deal, and summertime is a great time to visit the islands.

If you're unconvinced, or just want to see some tables and charts showing more detailed weather information see
the weather page at Virgin Islands Now. (VINOW also has a great forum to monitor and post questions of your own about travel to St. John.)
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